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The Danger Of Outside World

by Marx Yuddy , under

The world whereby once I step out of my house, it is like a place with those masked people. I have to unmask the masked and mask myself. I do not know why... Why some people so obviously come and insult me. I wonder are they jealous of me or what. My positive things they never praise but its alright for me because I am not Hunger to be praise. But what matter me the most is that, why they are so BusyBody to come and Approach me and Insult me. 

Besides, the most people I hate is that those Ego people. Oh My God!!! Because they want to show how talented they are, they are willing to use me and Insult me to gain attention from others. What a CHEAP person that feller is. 

And working world, Efforts equal to Responsibilities. Works being done, Credited to Others. This is Life.. Life of a Person who loves to Shut the Mouth like me. If I say out, they will think that I am so Sensitive and Calculative, if I keep quiet, they think that I am a Stupid Feller and keep on Bully me. Its not about Sensitivity or Calculative, its about the Dignity which I want ... The life, which I have and no one invade into my life. 

Most of the Times, I tell people, I love Dogs because Dogs are so Loyal that you help them once, you feed them once, they will remember you the rest of the life and when you are in danger, they will protect you. As for some Human outside there, are they willing to protect those who helped them? Worststill, they might be the one going to betray you in the Future. Each time, I am with my PET, I felt the SAFETY and Warmest that my Pet gave me.... I remember once I ate in a Restaurant after my company Meeting, I only feed a few small pieces of Pork, but when the next week I return there, Its approach me and wag its tail. I was so touched that tears came out from my eyes. 

Is okay, I will not be like a Fool to Be Insulted and Bully throughout my Life. Eventhough, I am small size, but this will not be my Weaknesses. I just have to focus on the Person who Inspire me ==> Deng Xiaoping, although he is a Communists but I support him. He develop China even he is Small Size as me too, but he came out to be a great politician and a well known person. To me, I do not want to be a Politician, but In the Future, I will Become Somebody and My Life is Going To be Meaningful !! And Noone DARE to Insult me AGAIN!!!!
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  • stranger

    i dont know how life as a worker
    coz im still waiting to get a job
    but during my posting...
    they do know how to make us feel like a useless person thou
    but to me those people are just jealous
    they do what they did
    coz they know we are better than them
    so just keep ur head up
    and just let those hater be...
    as for the dogs
    ur just as same as i am...
    well,hope u hav a nice day ahead of u

  • Marx Yuddy

    In working life, as what you said is true. Jealous... They scare that you get promoted and they are not. They hunger for power and use a lot of dirty things.. especially take your efforts as theirs. but this kind of people, we cannot let them always take away our efforts. Coz they are obviously wasting our time and destroying our Future.

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