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Zee Matanawee Keenan

by Marx Yuddy , under

Name: Zee Matanawee Keenan 

Gender: Female 

Place of birth: Phuket, Thailand 

Date of Birth: 27/10/1988 

Star sign: Scorpio

Height : 165cm

Weight : 55Kg

Occupation: Model & Singer

Photo Cover : iLike & Tom Act

Favourite Color : White, Black, Grey , Red

Activities : BasketBall, Swimming, Wakeboard, Going to Beach & Surfing Internet

Usually, people would consider most of the Tomboys are Handsome as well as Cute. But for Zee, most of the comments I got from Facebook or others social networking, they would say that she is "Handsome" where I agree with them too. I still remember my friend telling that she is a Tomboy after surfing the Facebook and I though she is joking because Zee is too Man. I can't even notice any Feminine Traits on her even her voice is like middle.. not so girly and not so manly tune. Since she is so manly, there is many rumors saying that she is actually a male. But this does change anything.... It is normal that in the entertainment field , people make up a lot of rumors

Zee Twitter :- @zeezeez7
Zee Twitter Fansite :- @ZEEZ_Fans
Facebook Page : - ZEE Matanawee Keenan (Artist)

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  • imalka udayanthi

    i love u sooo much zee.yeah u can hear this words every time but to me these are so true.i always wish that i could be with u and chat with u.but unfortunatly i'm not living in i never can't see u.theres a question i want to aks from u , in your all vedios your losing your because you are a tom or boys are better than tom.thats a rubish i think tom are good more than boys.but i don't have experience with boys but i felt in that way.watching things and hrearing things make my feel down about boys. i'm not saying that all boys are the same.and i don't have a experience with tom either.oh my gosh my comment is too long.there are so many things i want to exprees.but i think this enough.and u will not see to read this.i wish your all plans come true.and all be healthy.

  • Marx Yuddy

    I wish to meet Zee too. You are right, this is my blog, and I am not famous as a blogger. I write a little bit of profile about Zee, but I know she will not come across to my blog.. =(

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