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Thailand Tomboy

by Marx Yuddy , under

I was looking in the Internet about Thailand Tomboy because they really looks like guys. In these few pictures, I only sure about Zee is a Tomboy but yesterday many people comment that, all of them are Tomboys.


Chatwalai Ruangsri




Wow~~!! they looks so man and more handsome than Real Male. I cannot even recognize them as female when the first I look at their pictures.. Oh my... to me ....They should be born to be male rather than female. 

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  • Anonymous

    They really look so handsome,wish i could be like them....former tomboy myself,dressing up as a boy since i can look after myself. Remember spending so much time in front of the mirror hating myself for being a girl and wanting to be a boy. Though I'm a change person now, still have male attitude with me.........anyway like your collection....please post some more.

  • Marx Yuddy

    Haha.. Sure.. You can follow our page Tomboys and Tomgirls in Facebook. I posted a lot of tomboys photos there. But these few months, I seldom update, because I am busy with my job.

  • Anonymous

    ...God why cant i stop my self falling from this gorgeous creation of your...

    sorry just cant helped it ...


  • Anonymous

    really?!!! oh that is so Hot!!! aren't you going to post your pic i'm sure its one of God's gorgeous creation too.. i love all of them ...
    hehehehe (being selfish)

    my so called b.f. (a tom) is jealous with them but i don't care.

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