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Tina Jittaleela

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Tina Jittaleela who is the main actress in the movie (Yes or No, Yak Rak Kor Rak Loei),A Lesbian love movie that touches most of the audience heart while they watched. 

Her career develop very fast in the industrial entertainment after acting in this movie.. And she is getting Famous especially among Asian. 

During the audition of this movie, the company is finding a suitable girl to hold the "tomboy" role. Then she went and just give it  a try  , without know that she actually pass the audition and got the chance to hold this role.

Tina during childhood
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  • CallMeRuji

    hey there friend !!
    I am also experiencing what you have just experienced, LOL :)
    Uhm, seriously... i also am realy confused or as you said "Searching for Identity", I want to know and find out who i realy am :)

    just wanted to have a friend who can relate, hehe
    you can call me "RUJI" (just a codename, you know..why I need that )

  • stranger

    i am freakingly in love with the movie
    i am also like u
    searching my identity
    n also loved tina n aom...
    they are a cute couple but too bad they really not together

  • Anonymous

    well, for those who are still searching for their identity, bonne chance!!!...hopefully you will find yours. It's not that hard to find, just see in which identity you are more comfortable...just don't look too far :)

  • Marx Yuddy

    The most difficult ways when a person Searching for their Identity if when facing their parent. When we are born, our parent tend to planned their children everything which they think that is most suitable for their children. But never even really ask their children properly what actually they want.

  • arian sanagustin

    zee is more cute and handsome than tina for me :) and i think that if zee had tried the audition of yes or no, i think that she would be more suitable for the role as kim in yes or no haha :) and also in my own opinion and my other friends here in philippines is thinking that if zee is kim she and aom are more better and nicer couple :) just saying my own opinion haha <3 ZEE

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