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What is/are Tomboy(s)

by Marx Yuddy , under ,

What will you think when the word "Tomboy" come into your mind?
-a girl who is homosexual
-a girl who is transsexual
-a girl who just like to dress up like a boy
-a girl behave like a boy

or maybe

-a trend that is going on now......

ZEE (Fanpage)

Tomboy originally from the meaning a ‘rude boy’, but before the end of the 16th century it was being applied to a ‘girl who behaves like a boisterous boy’. In this century, Tomboy is use for girl who have the personality of a boy. 

Some of the above could be correct, but definitely not Transsexual. Most of the people misunderstand that, if a girl is a tomboy ( those who dress up and act like guy ) , they are Lesbian. Tomboy is not 100% Lesbian. Some are and some not, so you cannot just judge them by saying that Tomboy = Lesbian. Most of them just searching for their identity in love or want to be single or just want to be the way they feel comfortable with.

Tomboy is also a human being, but many people treat them as a " Freak" or maybe will have a lot of misunderstanding that, if they hang out with a girl, that girl better be careful, because the Tomboy would easily fall in love with that girl. Or maybe sometimes, they are trying to be helpful and considerate with her friend, they would misunderstand that, she ; Tomboy; might fall in love with you. Being a Tomboy does not mean that, they are thirsty of Loving A Girl... so just relax, if you have any Tomboy friends hanging around with you, just treat them as normal friend.

Some even think that Tomboy is some kind of disease that can infect others, something like, if you hang out with tomboy, you will become a tomboy.. Tomboy actually come naturally on a person characteristic but definitely not as serious as how some would said that it is a "Disease"....

According to some religion, Tomboy is something that going against the creation of God. But for me, as long as I am not hurting anyone, or doing something harmful to others, I think that I should be fine. Even human who are being what gender they are, but they still doing sinful things.

Types of Tomboy

There are few types of Tomboy, one is girl look like a girl, long hair, dress normally like girl but behavior like a boy.. or maybe they like some boys activities, such as sports or games. Like Ella in S.H.E group...

Picture adapted from here

The other is , dress up like a boy and behave like a boy....And usually a lot of people when look with just a sight, they will misunderstand that they are really a guy ... and even would say they look "cool" and even more handsome than truly guy.


Jing 张芸京

and other could be a girl who dress up as a boy, act as a boy and is really a homosexual.

Tomboy Style

Tomboy usually have a short hair, or spiky hair or some kind of style medium length hair... I am not going to explain much because through the pictures below and above, you can notify how their common styles are.. Below are some Asian Famous Tomboy ... I not so sure about Western Tomboy, if anyone have idea about it, feel free to tell me and leave a comment =)

Chris (Fanpage)






Taiwan Tomboy Band ~ Misster (Fanpage)

Thailand Tomboy Band

Western Tomboy

Tomboy AKA (Mixed: Vietnamese and French)

Zack Taylor Tomboy (Fanpage)


Usually, Tomboys, would gives themselves a nickname that fit with their personalities as a tomboy such as Chris rather than Christine, Tony rather than Toni... and other unique nickname. 

Common Questions

People are curious why most of the Tomboy have flat chest... ( flat breast ). This is because they use Binder to Bind their chest, that is why they have flat chest. Don't be freak out and though that they undergo a surgery... just a binder , and it is all about it.. 

Photo adapted from TB Shop Facebook page

People would always curious on how they look like if they dress up as a lady, and try to persuade them to dress up like a lady . I think that it is better to let people to choose to dress as a Tomboy because most of them do not like to dress like a lady... because they are " Tomboy "Anyway, some would be okay to dress up as a lady one time to let you see.....  .. But, I think this is not a good question to ask a Tomboy. Just let people to be themselves and be comfortable with who they want to be. 



Sometimes, people would be curious, and asking, why you want to be a Tomboy, why you don't want to be a girl, when you become a Tomboy. I think that, being a Tomboy come naturally not by forcing yourself to be a Tomboy.. But you can try if you want to be a Tomboy ..

Tomboys and Tomgirls Facebook Page

This page is created by me for all tomboys and tomgirls share and discuss about anything that they like but not sensitive cases such as politic or insults among anyone or any issues. 

Any comment or add on or any opinion do tell me as I wish to know more about Tomboy, especially about Western Tomboy, because I really do not know much about them and through my survey, Tomboys from Asian are more well known between Asian Countries and Western Tomboy is difficult to be differentiate as most of them look so Girly type, so is difficult for me to get suitable pictures about them to post here..but there are Western Tomboy out there that I might not know  ... .
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  • Incarii x3

    What about girls that aren't girly tomboy, and boy tomboy? :D I know a few people (Including myself) that can dress like a guy one day, and then dress like a girl the next, depending on their mood. I wear girl clothes but they're boyish girl clothes :)

  • Marx Yuddy

    Some would call them as TBG..lolz..

    Tomboy is more to the Boyish type of personality they have.

    You said that you are girly as well as boyish in your characteristic? if like this, most of the time you are more girly or boyish... then you will know =)... If just wanna to dress like a boy, that one is not a typical Tomboy.. maybe just a Fashion.. =)

    For me I am a Tomboy most of the time....

  • Unknown

    Well in the west there are still two major types of tomboys. There are girls that like to hang out with guys, are outgoing and usually are athletic. There are other girls who prefer to wear boys' clothes, maybe wear their hair cut short. In the US tomboys that wear boys' clothes are commonly thought of as lesbians even though they might not be.

    An example of a sporty tomboy (

    An example of a western tomboy (

  • ed_onew

    It's a forum for TB, TG and TBG from France. But you can login, they'll speak english for you! (I'm no more on this forum 'cause my mom found it and didn't like it T_T)

    Zack is a friend of mine but we are most than you can think. Western (specially French) TB-G's community will rules over the world \O/ /BAM

    [Come on my blog, I'll speak English with you and link my tomboy's friends blog ;) >>]

  • Marx Yuddy

    Ya, it is difficult to tell parent. Being tomboy still can be accepted by most people but if is homosexual, a lot of people outside there are homophobia.

  • Bhadxoii Blanco

    Hi ., i like your views about being a tomboy .. Here in Phil , lesbians or tomboy for us are the same .. but we have also the so-called "baifem" which mean a girl who falls or having a relationship towards a guy or the same gender. .

  • Anonymous

    in the philippines, baifem or bisexuals, who's having relationship with opposite sex and same sex, i guess most of them are girls, they dress and act like a girl but they are having relationship with girls, others may think that they are bestfriends, but in reality they are not, i think it's a way for other people not to judge them,

  • Anonymous

    I like your blog, I'm struggling to fine my identity myself...Former tomboy myself since birth, start changing when my parents force me to change, but still can never get rid of my tomboyish attitude....every-time i post for a picture, with my long hair and girly top and skirt, I can't help myself but laugh at my own picture always looking so masculine instead of being feminine. Even those who just met me knew that I'm a Tomboy right way.

  • Marx Yuddy

    Ya. Just be yourself. Sometimes, we are taught to follow our parent instruction. But we too have to have our own identity. anyway, tomboy is not a big deal like it gonna harm anyone. Parent sometimes, just do not understand us and they have ego too, because they are human. They are afraid that people tell and tease them that their daughter is half-half and homosexual or so on....

  • trish verano

    can i join?
    i felt so lucky not being judge by my family. even though i'm having a relationship with a tomboy a.k.a. butch in our country for my whole life.. were celebrating our 6th anniversary this year and were going strong...what i hate most is...

    i cant really understand why do they need to discriminate this kind of relationship..even though your family and friends are there to support you. for what you are, and what you choose to be... being judge mental didn't state in bible right?

    ... they said love the creation of God.. and that's what i'm doing.

  • Marx Yuddy

    To me, people cannot give a good reason, then they start talking about God. If they really want to be so called "religious" kind of human, they should respect each another and also do good deeds, help those who are needed. Not wasting time and discriminate others =).. SO, I usually Ignore them. They are not worth for me to listen and follow.

  • Shinigami Supatra

    the place i live in,people really get confused seeing me.But i have no problem with it.From childhood i have short hairs always wore dark colors shirt,t-shirt.being a tomboy and different really rocks.but my parents never understand that,they thinks am just ridiculous.I think god created me this way and i'm happy of what i am and dont care what other thinks of me.

  • Marx Yuddy

    Yes. Most happy is that we have to be comfortable with ourselves. Like what I always tell myself is that, if I follow how others want me to be, then when I am unhappy, are they gonna be at my side? Definitely no... the one who will be at my side, is my own soul..

  • Anonymous

    im not a tomboy.but i do fall in love w them.theres lot of tomboys around me and even my best friend.i do fall in love w one of them,she's always teasing me and am melting right away.i do love tomboys very much.they're just so cute.

  • Saloua Azmani

    I have been thinking of cutting my hair because I am a tomboy, act like a boy, walk like a boy, wear my dads clothes at times because they are so baggy, I hate having clothes that are soo tight I just need advice if I should cut my hair like a boy. I am afraid that everyone is going to judge me and all stuff

  • Saloua Azmani

    Hey I really need some help from you all, I have been thinking of cutting my hair, I am a tomboy I act like a boy, i wear baggy clothes, I hate having clothes that are so tight I walk like a boy, I sometimes wear my dads jacket and clothes, but I am just afraid that people at school are going to laugh of me, I mean its always been like the first day at school people ask if I am a boy and I don't mind that, I just really like to know if I should cut my hair as a boy, its always been a dream for me, I just dont want to be judged or lose friends ;o

  • Marx Yuddy

    Most important is you are comfortable with yourself. Don't let others to put their words in your life. If they treat you as a friend, they should respect your decision =)....

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